B.G. Reynolds

Clam Diving in Karadere

This rhythmic pounding was in fact the first sign of trouble—the water was not calm, but rather choppy, dark, and taciturn...

Viktor Tsoi

Revisiting Soviet Counterculture through the Visionary Eyes of Viktor Tsoi

Wonka Wilder

The Lives and Parallels of Gene Wilder and Willy Wonka

Coastal Getaways: Shark Dive in Jupiter

There, about twenty feet away, was a large, bulky bull shark swimming directly toward me. It swam up from the depths, a calm specter who seemed purposeful… eager… hungry.

Polish Literature Meets HBO’s Westworld

Bridging the divide between Polish literature and a TV show about artificially intelligent robots is, I know, a strange connection to make; then again making unorthodox connections is one of my brain’s specialties.