Creative Director & Breaker of Molds

Julieta Kaludova

Experience and content strategist by profession. Philologist and translator by education. Thespian and an avid book reader by genetic predisposition. Inspired mom. Worked as radio journalist, media liaison, and director of a press center in her home country Bulgaria, as well as a language instructor of Russian & Polish and an adjunct professor of Russian in the United States. Between 2017-2020 she was the Chief Creative Director of KidZania USA, an edutainment theme parks headquartered in Frisco, TX, where kids can try over 100 occupations in an immersive setting. Loves irony as a way to combat the seriousness of the world – and that of the self. Prefers coffee over tea, good poetry to prose, and binge movie-watching to anything else. With a diagnosed intolerance to academic and literary snobbism, small talk, and the dictatorship of ignorance. Born on the same day and year as her favorite movie All That Jazz! (a fact she discovered only recently).

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Voices from Chernobyl – The Voices Worth Hearing

Voices echoing from a point in time we cannot fully apprehend and yet time that contains and conjoins us all---be it via radioactive particles that travel in the air for a hundred thousand years, or through fragments of words and expressions that reverberate inside us long after we have turned the page.

The Blue Dress

Colors bear their own code of associations, triggering an emotional reaction.


I am here. Unashamed of my crystalline skin - So thin that one can hear the howl of blood through my veins