Creative Director & Breaker of Molds

Julieta Kaludova

Experience and content strategist by profession. Philologist and translator by education. Thespian and an avid book reader by genetic predisposition. Inspired mom. Her international portfolio encompasses experience as a radio journalist, media liaison, and press center director in Bulgaria, alongside roles as a language instructor for Polish and Bulgarian, an adjunct professor of Russian, and a chief creative director of a leading edutainment theme park for children in the United States. Loves irony as a means to counter the gravity of the world and oneself. Prefers coffee over tea, good poetry over prose, and binge movie-watching over anything else. Highly intolerant to academic and literary snobbery, small talk, and the tyranny of ignorance. Born on the same day and year as her favorite movie All That Jazz! (a fact she only recently discovered).

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