Artist ~ Stage Director ~ Poet

Panayot Kaludov

Panayot Kaludov is a Bulgarian stage director, TV personality, and visual artist specializing in woodcraft and hand-drawn art. He has staged over 40 plays for adults and children for which he holds several awards, and has served as a co-creator and host of two original programs for a local television channel. Kaludov has released 12 art exhibitions of various themes and styles. Time—the most prevalent and abstract of characters in everyone’s life—is a major theme in Kaludov’s works. “Time,” asserts the artist, “is neither here nor there, yet we humans seem most consumed by it. We try to measure and put our limiting constraints around it… we chase it or try to cheat it… we frequently compete with it… we often try to delay it… we foolishly ignore it until it is too late… and sometimes, if we’re brave enough, we succeed in befriending it to enjoy fully the time we’re given.” Time Unlockz is a unique collaboration between Argent Publications and Panayot Kaludov to create a limited NFT collection featuring deeply layered visual storytelling related to the concept of Time and our quest to understand it.

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