Instructions Upon Opening

Original poetry

Time to read: 1 min.
This Life is not a Gift
It cannot be returned,
or repackaged
It can’t be refund, restored
and renewed
There can be no Peace
It can’t be dreamed of,
hoped for
or wished
There can be unendless,
inspired striving
You are not welcome in this
You are simply there
You can be thankful and keep
the silence
You can be blind to the destiny
That you do not know is there
You are swept away, you are
Nothing but your legs carry
They have no fear
Your heart pounds
And it has no fear
There is horror and that is the
Do not let go
If the light has faded to the
dwindle of
A memory’s flicker
It is all that shines
Enough to show the way
In one surge forward we cover
the earth
Remain where you will soon be
And don’t even think to dream
it will ever end
*Published originally in 2016 in Falchion Pub.