Fashion & Underwater Photographer

Plamena Mileva

Plamena is an award-winning underwater and fashion photographer. Her first photo competition brings her the Debut award and this would later influence her decision to return to Bulgaria and pursue a career in photography after a 6-year stint in Spain. Her first underwater photo-session was in 2010 with her then 3-month-old son as a model. Over the years, she has won one of the most prestigious awards in the world for underwater photography with models. She finds excitement in studying human nature in every aspect of its manifestation, with its full range of emotions, elegance, and beauty. She has been fortunate to have overseen underwater photo-sessions with models in various exotic places around the world. The greatest depth to which she has dived in her sessions is 32.70m, which took place around the island of Tenerife. There she took photos of the sunken statue of Virgen del Carmen.

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