Brand Ambassador & Content Analyst

Mila Belcheva

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Mila's artistic journey began early at the School of Arts in her hometown, Shumen. At just four years old, she was already twirling in a ballet tutu. Soon after, at 5, she started her journey with piano, which expanded to include guitar, opera, and pop and jazz singing. During these years, she was happy to join the renowned "Simeonis" choir under the direction of maestro Slavil Dimitrov. Mila's flair for the arts extended into commercial modeling, where she gained considerable experience in advertising, fashion, and art photography. She became the face of fashion brands in Varna, Bulgaria, and Dallas, Texas, and even a Parisian cosmetic collection. In 2018, Mila was awarded a full scholarship at the prestigious Texas Christian University, where she pursued a bachelor's degree in Business and Information Systems. She graduated magna cum laude in 2021 and has been working since as a Business Analyst at the American College of Emergency Physicians. In her free time, she nurtures her artistic roots, performing Bulgarian folk music and participating in musical theater productions directed by Broadway veteran John Wilkerson. Mila has been Argent's contributor and ambassador since its inception in 2016 (when the enterprise existed primarily as a website under Falchion Publications) and has been an instrumental collaborator in some of our most celebrated series and projects.

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