In Times Gone By


” In times gone by, into a grove
Occasion ancient there brought
Under the shade of season yellow –
Red Riding Hood and Wolf together…”

A haunting multimedia adaptation of a 1980 poem written by Nedyalko Yordanov, deemed a modern classic of Bulgarian poetry. The author transforms the familiar story by Charles Perrault into a poignant versified tale of improbable love, doomed to fail because of prejudice and stagnant tradition.

The project introduces an international, award-winning team including Broadway veteran John Wilkerson (narration), Lubo Sergeev, pinned “one of the 200 most influential visual storytellers in the world” (live-action video production),  stylist Irena Ivanova (costume design), and Julieta Kaludova (scriptwriting, poem translation).

Why This Project is Cool

This project is part of Argent’s larger initiative to introduce meaningful works of fiction, folklore, and mythology from lesser-known languages to the global English-speaking audience by adapting them digitally and giving them a modern, multimedia spin. In such a way, we strive to attract a broader and younger audience that might otherwise not engage with literature, as well as to offer an innovative approach to the publishing and promotion of authors writing in lesser-known languages.

Beyond its visual and artistic qualities, the film has an empowering message meant to inspire acceptance of otherness, be they related to cultural traditions, varying viewpoints, age, and skin color, among others.


  • An empowering narrative alongside poignant verses
  • Sumptuous original illustrations and animation
  • Enthralling live-action sequences
  • Original score