Inspired by the classic poem “Demon” by eminent Russian writer Michael Lermontov, the atmospheric, sequential narrative of the novel appeals to both readers interested in classical works, as well as those oriented toward contemporary urban fantasy.

The story begins in 1841, Caucuses, Russian Empire. We encounter eminent Russian writer and poet Mikhael Lermontov on the night before his duel with Martynov (the same one that would end his life prematurely). While Lermontov prepares for the duel, he is visited by a supernatural being; one that has inspired his most famous poem “Demon.” The following day, Lermontov is mortally wounded. As the writer lays dying, he asks Demon—who is by his bedside—to impart to him secret knowledge. This sets off a chain of events that no one, not even the Demon could have predicted.

The next we see him, he lives in present-day St. Petersburg, where he is destined to be reacquainted with his lost love; that of the immortal Georgian soul, Tamara. The consequences of the Demon’s actions are about to unfold…

Why This Project is Cool

  • The narrative is built upon an intricate latticework of allusion and intertextual dialogue
  • Is chock-full of ancient myths & esoteric lore
  • A script dripping in decadence alongside poignant and sensual illustrations

Oh yeah, we almost forgot: We’ll also be releasing a limited NFT collection, allowing readers and patrons to interact with the characters, collect original artistically rendered avatars, and access exclusive content