Crimson Horizon



A civilian group leaves their families and earthly lives behind to embark upon a pioneering mission to Mars. Readers select from one of the main characters to set out on an unforgettable journey. Along the way, they will face many unanticipated challenges and be forced to make hard choices, often with unpredictable outcomes.

Why This Project is Cool

Right now, there are people working tirelessly to help get humanity to Mars. And they are so close. In just a few short years, we’ll begin sending colonists to the Red Planet, which makes ours a fascinating time indeed.

Can’t join the mission to Mars? Don’t be so sure.

Crimson Horizon promises to deeply immerse you into the mechanics of what it will be like as a colonist in space! You can share in the dangers, the political intrigues, the relationships, and the elations of those who will in real-life be allowing humanity to take the first step toward the frontier of space.

Photography by Lubo Sergeev


  • Interstellar gameplay: navigate your way around a ship that is a world in and of itself
  • Enthralling writing with multiple choice-based narratives: explore dialogues, solve problems in unique ways, and truly feel what it is like to be in the deep oblivion of space
  • Original illustrations, musical score, and conceptual photography
  • The gamified narrative is interlaced with historical data and pseudo-journalistic documents, adding depth and layered nuance to the experience
  • The digital download will be available through desktop download, Steam, and/or digital app

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