Conceptual & Fine Art Photographer

Viкtoria Andreeva

Viкtoria Andreeva was born and raised in Shumen, Bulgaria. In 2015 she went to study “Audio-visual Media and Photography" at the Die Graphische College of Art in Vienna. In the city of Mozart (where she lives and works to this day) she started working on her biggest project: a photo-book dedicated to the lives of six professional ballerinas from the Vienna Opera. Winner of several international awards for photography, amongst which are the prestigious PSA Gold medal - 2021 Trierenberg Super Circuit и Gold in Fine-Art-Nudes, Professional category – 2021 International Muse Photography Awards. "In the past years my camera has increasingly become my everyday tool for capturing the nuances and cycles of our human process. I am mostly interested in the invisible, camouflaged aspect of life; the one that hides behind the seemingly tangible places, shapes, forms, and faces. Locked within this desire to expose the invisible, I chase and try to capture intimate moments in time. Moments in which the individual—this solitary soldier of fortune—quietly experiences her own heartbeat and pulse, while the whole world around awaits motionless and breathless."

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I am here. Unashamed of my crystalline skin - So thin that one can hear the howl of blood through my veins