Visual Storyteller at Large

Lubo Sergeev

Lubo Sergeev is a visual master of storytelling with over 20 years of experience in conceptual advertising and photography. Producer, screenwriter, and video director. He divides his time between Bulgaria, Europe, and the USA. Creativity, provocation of the imagination, and ruthless perfectionism are the hallmarks of each of his projects. His photographs depict a time-sealed fragment of a carefully thought-out plot, full of meaning and always full of symbolism. His ability to provoke visually and refine his every step - from concept creation, execution, and end result—has brought him in 2014 the world's most prestigious international photography award Trierenberg Super Circuit (in addition to a number of other awards over the years). He is recognized as one of the 200 most influential digital artists in the world, according to Luerzer’s Archive Top 200 Specials.