Traveling Storyteller ~ Cultural Nomad

Iva Genova

Iva Genova belongs to the tribe of the “morning people”: "The mystical topography of the Earth mandates that we wake up early and apply some creative tricks to catch those wild ideas!” she would say. She insists that Ideas are living beings that love to visit. Most of the time they would just sit quietly on our shoulders, waiting for us to give them shape. And if we fail to do so, they will fly away to visit someone else. Cultural nomad and mountaineer. If you peek into her schoolbag, you will notice references to the first scholars of psychology from Vienna, pieces of the history of German art as well as mass-media. She obtained her MA in politics and journalism in Barcelona. Iva is a narrator fully devoted to the art of questions. Daughter of the wind. A passionate admirer of magical realism and self-irony.