Translator ~ Personal Growth Expert

Andrey Basat

Philologist by religion, rebel by vocation. Crypto-enthusiast and passionate admirer of emotional archeology. Insatiable consumer of film creations from all universes. Proud participant in a (pseudo)musical in 2010. Also known as George from the online comic series "Entrance B." One of the dark faces behind the bright project called “iRedefined”. Lives under constant siege by two cats and a dog.

Translates and beautifies other people’s thoughts from Polish, Russian and English into Bulgarian, and transforms them into shorter, medium and longer pieces of text. Adept listener always ready to provide explicitly requested chunks of wisdom. Challenges himself on a daily basis and avoids the pitfalls of expectations.

Preaches the obligation one has of making one’s own choices and accepting the consequences inevitably associated with them. Draws inspiration from people who gently drive him out of his comfort zone. Occasionally identifies with Johnathan Livingston Seagull when it comes to the meaning of Life.