We earnestly believe that the written word, and storytelling in general, add texture and beauty to life, allow us to remain vigilant to the world, and help us preserve ourselves from the dreary existence that would be without creative spark and thought. From early cave paintings, to orally transmitted legends and folktales, to the great works of the written word, people have been sharing stories that help us connect to those who share our world, educate us, empower us or simply entertain us.

With the rapid advancement of technology and media, the way we tell and experience stories has considerably evolved in the past decade.The classic single-medium storytelling has been slowly but steadily replaced by the multi-media and trans-media narrative, inviting the reader more and more to actively engage with the content.

By bridging media, style and genre, we seek to move away from literary elitism and make literature appealing to all, and to inspire people from different backgrounds and areas of interest to engage where they might not otherwise typically do so. Perhaps most importantly, we strive to cultivate a love for meaningful storytelling and the written word in a digitally domineering era.