Voices from Chernobyl – The Voices Worth Hearing

Voices echoing from a point in time we cannot fully apprehend and yet time that contains and conjoins us all---be it via radioactive particles that travel in the air for a hundred thousand years, or through fragments of words and expressions that reverberate inside us long after we have turned the page.

Under Siege

An all-American girl finds herself negotiating high-context relationships in Italy... all while wearing borrowed pajamas.

On Solitude

A Marukami-style slipstream riff on the nature of solitude.

Long Live the King

Perhaps the most significant—and often overlooked—reason for Stephen King’s success is the heartwood of his stories. At their core, King’s novels are not about the monsters; they’re about the people.

The Space Between the Stars

Anne Corlett's book takes a unique approach to the pandemic theme, in taking the destruction from a worldwide event to a galaxy-wide phenomenon.


I am here. Unashamed of my crystalline skin - So thin that one can hear the howl of blood through my veins

Polish Literature Meets HBO’s Westworld

Bridging the divide between Polish literature and a TV show about artificially intelligent robots is, I know, a strange connection to make; then again making unorthodox connections is one of my brain’s specialties.